Display mobile metrics

You can display the key performance metrics of the apps that you most recently viewed. By default, you can view up to 12 apps. You can change the date range and create filters to segment the data and edit any app on the Overview page.

The metrics that display for each app reflect the key metrics that you selected when you created the app. For more information, see Add a New App.

If the app you want to view is not displayed, search for it by typing the app’s name or by clicking the drop-down list in All Apps.

You can perform the following tasks on the Overview page:

  • Change the date range

    The previous 30 days of data displays for key metrics. You can change this by clicking the calendar icon in the top right-hand side. You can select a date range or a pre-determined time frame from the drop-down list.

  • Filter data

    You can user filters to segment the data for each app.

    For example you can filter the data by App Version and by Device Type.

    To create a filter:

    1. Click the Filter icon to display the Sticky Filter dialog box.

    2. Click Add Rule, select an option from the drop-down list, and type the necessary information.

      For example, you might select App Version and type 4.5 for the version. You could select Device Type and type Android.


      You can create complex filters by using AND and OR statements.

    3. Click Update.


    A blue bubble displays next to the Filter icon to indicate the number of active filters.

    To cancel filters, click the Filter icon, and click Cancel.

  • Display Key Performance Indicators

    Click the name of the app to display details about the key performance indicators. The lines on the chart are color coded, and you can mouse over the data point to display the statistics for specific dates. To drill down, click the icon next to Key Performance Indicators. The lines on the chart are color coded, and you can mouse over any data point to see statistics for specific dates. Click a column header in the table to sort the data in ascending or descending order.

Edit an app’s settings

  1. Click the gear icon in any app’s tile to open the App Information page.

  2. Edit the app’s settings.

    For more information about each setting, see Configuring your App.

  3. Click Save.

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