Mobile metrics

You can measure different metrics by using Adobe Mobile and collect the metrics that you want to track for your app.

The following types of metrics are measured:

  • App launches, upgrades, and crashes

    These metrics provide a view into the general health and usage of your app. You can track the number of launches, number of users on each version of your app, crashes, and so on. These metrics, along with overall revenue (if you provide a paid app), are usually the starting point for mobile app measurement.

  • Usage and retention

    Usage metrics help you understand average session length, daily and monthly engaged users, upgrades, and other insights that let you know how and how often your app is being used. Retention reports quickly shows user retention levels the day after the initial launch, after 7 days, and after 28 days.

    On Android devices, you can use Google Play referrer tracking to measure how users are getting to the app store before they download your app.

  • Revenue

    You can view revenue collected by app stores and revenue measured directly using in-app purchase events. Other cart metrics are available by Customize Reports.

  • App Events

    App events are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you define to measure the success of your app. Depending on the type of app you provide, KPIs will vary from articles read and levels completed to lifetime revenue.

  • App States

    States are the different views that are provided by your app. States are viewed in a pathing report, so a good way to define states is to think about the paths through your app that you want to measure. For example, where do users most often navigate from the initial view?

  • Location and Points of Interest

    If GeoReporting is enabled on your Analytics report suite, several location-based reports are available. On Wi-Fi, GeoReporting accuracy is similar to that of a desktop web browser. On a data connection, accuracy varies based on the provider and how requests are routed.

    For increased accuracy, you can also add location and point of interest tracking to your app. These options allow you to report detailed latitude and longitude location data and use geo-fencing to determine when a user is in a radius of a pre-defined point of interest.

  • Lifetime Value

    Lifetime value allows you to measure a value that persists as long as a user has your app installed. You can assign different in-app actions, positive or negative values, or increment lifetime value with the amount of each purchase.

  • Time to Complete

    With the KPIs you measure, you can use time to complete to measure time in session and the total time (cross-session) it takes for an action to be completed. For example, you might measure how much time elapses between installation and the initial in-app purchase.

  • Devices

    Device reports allows you see the different device types, operating systems, and mobile carriers where your app is being used. This information is useful to plan support for the next version or to segment reports and target content.

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