Banner Metrics

The Banner Metrics report displays a sunburst visualization for your existing data. This report is only available to Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) customers.

By default, this report displays the following metrics:

  • Banner Name, which is the name of the banner.
  • Readers, which is the number of app users.
  • Banner Name Instances, which is the number of times the banner was referenced through clicks and impressions.
  • Banner Click, which is the number of times users clicked the banner.
  • Banner Impressions, which is the number of times a banner was viewed (or was visible) on a browser page.

This report is similar to the Technology report. For information about how to navigate and use sunburst reports; add breakdowns and metrics; create target activities; create sticky filters, and share reports, see Technology. The information in this topic can be used to customize the Banner Metrics report.

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