Configure Acquisition

Acquisition tracking must be enabled in the SDK configuration before you can track and report on Marketing Links.

  1. On the Manage App Settings page for the app, scroll to the SDK Acquisition Options section.

  2. Complete the following tasks:

    • To enable Acquisition, select the Enable check box.

      When you select this check box, the Referrer Timeout field becomes active, and the value changes from 0 to 5.

    • Enter a value in the Referrer Timeout (seconds) field

      (Optional) If you enabled the Enable check box, this field is optional. You can change the timeout value, which is specified in seconds. This setting specifies the period to wait for Acquisition information before sending the First Launch hit.


    You must enter a non-zero value. If you enable Acquisition but leave the value as zero, Acquisition links will not function. We recommend that you use the 5-second default value.

  3. Download and use the new SDK configuration file in your app.

    You have successfully configured Acquisition on iOS.

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