Create an Acquisition Link

You can create app store links that let you download applications directly from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The links you create let you attribute your success events to the downloads.

  1. Click Acquisition > Manage Acquisition Links > Create New.

  2. Type the following information in the Link Information section:

    • (Required) Name
      Specify a descriptive name for the App Link.
    • Tracking Code
      Specify the desired tracking code or click Generate to create a new tracking code.
    • (Required) Source
      Specify the original referrer, such as “newsletter” or “homepage.”
    • Medium
      Specify the marketing medium, such as “banner” or “email.”
    • Content
      Specify the name or ID of the ad with the link.
    • Term
      Specify paid terms or other search terms for the ad.

    The values in the above fields cannot be changed after the acquisition link is created.

  3. Type information in the fields in the Add App Store Link section.

    • App Store

      Select an app store:

      • Apple App Store
      • Google Play

      The options for each app store vary, as described below.

    • Browser Region (Apple App Store Only)

      Specify a specific regional app store for desktop browsers.

      This setting lets you define the region-specific app store that you want an acquisition link to direct to when a user clicks the link from a desktop browser. Mobile devices auto-redirect based on device settings.

    • Browser Language (Google Language (Google Play Only))

      Select a language from the drop-down list.

      This setting lets you define a specific language to display in the Google Play Store for desktop browsers. Mobile devices show language based on device settings.

    • **Search by Name **

      • For the Apple App Store, if you do not know the App ID, you can search for the app by its name.

        You can limit your search by selecting an optional region from the In Region drop-down list.

      • For Google Play, if you do not know the Package Name, you can search for the app name by its name.

    • App ID (Apple App Store only)

      If you searched for the app, this field is completed automatically. You can type the App ID value directly, rather than searching for the app.

    • **Package Name (Google Play only) **

      If you searched for the app, this field is completed automatically. Instead of searching. you can also directly type the Package Name value.

  4. To save your configuration and to generate the link, click Add > Save.

    The newly created link displays in the App Store Links section.

    store link

  5. Click clipboard icon to copy the tracked link to your clipboard.

  6. Paste the link in your social media posts, ads, email messages, and so on.

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