Manage Marketing Links

You can use the Marketing Links page to create, use, and archive Marketing Links.


To create and use Marketing Links, you must first create link destinations. For more information, see Create or edit Marketing Links.

On the Marketing Links page, complete the following tasks:

  • Display Marketing Links

    To display the list of Marketing Links, in the Mobile Services home page, click Acquisition > Marketing Links Builder.

    The Clicks column displays the number of users who have clicked on the Marketing Link. The First Launches column displays the number of first launches for the app. This value reflects the number of users who chose to install the app and launch it after clicking on the Marketing Link.

  • Archive or unarchive Marketing Links

    • To archive a Marketing Link, select the check box next to a link, and click Archive Selected.

    • To unarchive a marketing clink, click View Archive, select a link and click Unarchive Selected.

      Only previously archived Marketing Links are displayed in the View Archive page.

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