Experience Cloud Device Co-op

To start using the Experience Cloud Device Co-op, contact your Adobe representative.

To enable your mobile apps for the Experience Cloud Device Co-op, complete the following steps for the Experience Cloud iOS SDKs.


This functionality requires iOS SDK version 4.8.5 or later.

Starting in SDK version 4.16.1, Device Co-op members can opt their mobile device data out of the Experience Cloud Device Co-op. For more information see ADBMobile JSON Config and the visitorAPI.js method for isCoopSafe in the Adobe Experience Cloud Identity Service documentation.

  1. Implement the Adobe Mobile SDK.

    For more information, see Core Implementation and Lifecycle.

  2. Enable your Experience Cloud ID.

    For more information, see Experience Cloud ID.

  3. Pass authenticated identities such as CRM IDs or hashed emails using one of the sync methods contained here.

    For more information, see Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service Methods.

coopUnsafe flag

Here is some additional information on the coopUnsafe flag:

  • Minimum SDK version: 4.16.1
  • The Boolean property of the marketingCloud object that, when set to true, causes the device to be opted-out of the Experience Cloud’s Device Co-Op.
  • Default value is false.
  • This setting is used only for Device Co-op provisioned customers.

For Device Co-op members who require this value be set to true, you need to work with the Co-op team to request a blocklist flag on your Device Co-op account. There is no self-service path to enabling these flags.

Remember the following information:

  • When coopUnsafe is set to true, coop_unsafe=1 will always be appended to Audience Manager and Visitor ID hits.
  • If you enable Analytics server-side forwarding to Audience Manager, you will also see coop_unsafe=1 on Analytics hits.

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