Products 變數及其包含的銷售 eVar 與產品專屬事件

以下範例為產品變數及其包含的銷售 eVar 與產品專屬事件。

//create a context data dictionary
NSMutableDictionary *contextData = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];

// add products, a purchase id, a purchase context data key, and any other data you want to collect.
// Note the special syntax for products
[contextData setObject:@"event1" forKey:@"&&events"];
[contextData setObject:@";Running Shoes;1;69.95;event1=5.5;eVar1=Merchandising,;Running Socks;10;29.99" forKey:@"&&products"];
[contextData setObject:@"1234567890" forKey:@"m.purchaseid"];
[contextData setObject:@"1" forKey:@"m.purchase"];

// send the tracking call - use either a trackAction or TrackState call.
// trackAction example:
[ADBMobile trackAction:@"purchase" data:contextData];
// trackState example:
[ADBMobile trackState:@"Order Confirmation" data:contextData];

如果您使用 &&products 變數觸發產品專屬事件,您也必須在 &&events 變數中設定該事件。如果您沒有設定事件,系統會在處理期間將其篩選掉。