Android Wearables: additional notes

Here is some information to help you configure the Android extension, which allows you to collect data from your Android Wearable app.

  • The Adobe Mobile Android Wearables extension requires Android version 4.4 (KitKat) or above.

  • There is one additional context value, A.RunMode, which has been added to indicate whether the data comes from the containing app or the extension.

    • RunMode = Application

      The hit comes from the handheld app.

    • RunMode = Extension

      The hit comes from the wearable app.

  • The SDK automatically syncs the aid/vid/visitor service id/privacy status from the handheld app to the wearable app, so do not call setPrivacyStatus/setUserIdentifier/idSync from the wearable app.

  • In-app messages, Target, and Audience Manager are disabled for the wearable app.

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