Retrieving stored identifiers

This information helps you retrieve locally stored, SDK identities from your Android app and with GDPR data access requests.


The getAllIdentifiersAsync method retrieves identities stored in the SDK. You must call this method before the user opts-out.

SDK identities (as applicable) are locally stored and returned in a JSON string, which might contain:

  • Company Context - IMS Org IDs
  • User IDs
  • Experience Cloud iD (MID), formerly known as Marketing Cloud ID
  • Integration Codes (ADID, Push ID)
  • Data Source IDs (DPID, DPUUID)
  • Analytics IDs (AVID, AID, VID, and associated RSIDs)
  • Target Legacy IDs (TNTID, TNT3rdpartyID)
  • Audience Manager ID (UUID)

Here is an example of the ADBMobile getAllIdentifiersAsync method in Android:

Config.getAllIdentifiersAsync(new ConfigCallback<String>() {
     public void call(String identitiesJson) {
         Log.d("ADBMobile Identities", identitiesJson);

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