Hit batching

Hit batching allows applications to hold hits from being sent until the number of hits in the queue have exceeded the configured limit.


To use hit batching, you must enable offline tracking and have SDK version 4.1 or later

To enable hit batching, update your ADBMobileConfig.json file and specify a value for batchLimit:

"analytics": {
    "batchLimit": 5,

When the value is set to a number greater than 0, the SDK queues the number of hits equal to the batchLimit value. After this threshold is passed, all hits in the queue are sent.

The following methods are used with hit batching:

  • Analytics.getQueueSize returns a long with the number of hits currently in the hit batching queue.

  • Analytics.sendQueuedHits forces the library to send all hits in the queue no matter how many hits are currently queued.

  • Analytics.clearQueue clears all hits from the queue without sending them.

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