Track quality of experience on Roku

The following instructions provide guidance for implementation across all 2.x SDKs.


If you are implementing a 1.x version of the SDK, you can download the 1.x Developers Guides here: Download SDKs.

Implemement QOS

  1. Identify when the bitrate changes during media playback, and use the mediaUpdateQoS API to update the QoS info on the Media SDK.

    QoSObject variables:


    These variables are only required if you are tracking QoS.

    Variable Description Required
    bitrate Current bitrate Yes
    startupTime Startup time Yes
    fps FPS value Yes
    droppedFrames Number of dropped frames Yes

    For example:

    bitrate = 200000
    fps = 0
    droppedFrames = 1
    startupTime = 2
    qosinfo = adb_media_init_qosinfo(bitrate, startupTime, fps, droppedFrames)