Install Mobile SDKs

To implement streaming media for mobile apps on Android or iOS, install and configure the following:

  • Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDK

    To collect data, use Tags in Adobe Experience Platform. Tags in Adobe Experience Platform is a tag management solution that lets you deploy Analytics code alongside other tagging requirements.

  • Media SDK for Android or Media SDK for iOS

  • Adobe Media Analytics for Audio and Video extension

To download the SDKs and for additional documentation resources, see Get Media SDKs, Extensions using Tags, and OTT SDKs

  • Obtain valid configuration parameters

    These parameters can be obtained from an Adobe representative after you set up your analytics account.

  • Include the following APIs in your media player

    • An API to subscribe to player events - The Media SDK requires that you call a set of simple APIs when events occur in your player.

    • An API that provides player information - This includes information about currently playing such as the media name, play head position, ads, or chapter.

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