Release Notes: July 2014

The following features are included in the July 2014 release. Please check your Marketo Edition for feature availability. Come back after the release for links to detailed feature documentation.

Marketing Calendar

See all of your events, emails and more across programs. This new product will be available at no charge to customers with 10 or fewer Marketo Lead Management or Dialog users.

Documentation on the Marketing Calendar will be available at release time.

New Look and Feel

Marketo Lead Management will be updated with a new look and feel that is modern and sleek, and includes an updated navigation.

Date Operators

Advanced filters for “in past before”, “in future”, and “in future after”. For example, find leads that have a birth date in the next 3 months, or a contract that is expiring after 6 months.

Program Schedule View

In addition to the marketing calendar you manage your events and default programs with, a new schedule view right on the program.

  • Reschedule all dates at once
  • New Tentative Dates - pencil it in!
  • Custom Entry types - ToDo, Press Release, anything you want

List Operations in the ReST API

We’ve added the calls below related to list operations in ReST. See for the full documentation.

  • Get List By ID
  • Get Multiple Lists
  • Import to List
  • Get Import to List Status

Fast List Import

Over 50x faster, your files will zoom into Marketo! The old “Normal” and “Optimized for New Leads” import options have been replaced with “Default (Fast Import)”.

The “Skip New Leads and Updates” option remains unchanged.

New Improved Munchkin!

Rollout will be staged starting in mid-July and continuing for the next several months.

  • Removes the dependency jQuery for full and future compatibility
  • More compatible with other JavaScript on your site
  • Fully tested on many sites over the past year!

RTP: Real-Time Personalization Campaign Templates

The RTP Set Campaign page now includes ready-made templates. Choose from a variety of styles including webinars, case studies, ebooks.

RTP: JavaScript API Enhancements

New RTP API call to get real-time visitor data such as organization, industry, location and segment code match. In addition, hovering over a segment name in the Segments page will reveal a tooltip showing the segment code. See our developers site for full documentation.

RTP: HTML5 support in Campaign Content Editor

The content WYSIWYG editor in the Set Campaigns page now has full HTML5 compatibility. Click on the “HTML” icon within the editor to insert any HTML5 code.

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