Release Notes: Spring '18

The following features are included in the Spring '18 release. Check your Marketo edition for feature availability.

Please click the title links to view detailed articles for each feature. Note: Some of the features included in this release do not have associated articles. If a topic has multiple subheadings, the links are placed there.

Marketo Sales Engage, Launch, and ToutApp Updates


Sales Engage is an add-on product. Please contact your Marketo Customer Success Manager or Account Executive for a quote.

Drive more pipeline and revenue by empowering sales with the intelligence, content, playbooks, and analytics to convert more of your leads into sales opportunities. Sales Engage provides sales and marketing with a unified platform for engagement across the customer journey and enables better coordination through a shared view of customer touchpoints.


  • Compliance Card: Ensure GDPR compliance by capturing the source of sales contacts and details of customer consent for receiving communications.
  • Password Policy Update: Keep your data safer with more stringent requirements for password creation, reset, and expiration (meets Soc II - Type 1 compliance requirements).
  • Streamlined Account Setup Experience: Get your account set up and connected to Gmail, Outlook, and other systems faster.

Marketo Sky Open Beta

Marketo Sky Open Beta

Opt into the Marketo Sky open beta to get access to 100+ new productivity-boosting capabilities, including:

  • An updated left navigation menu, saved smart list rules and flow actions, mass actions for managing assets, and scheduled asset expiration
  • In-app guides and contextual help
  • Asset labels and more flexible calendar views

Performance Insights

Performance Insights

Year-Over-Year Period Comparison

Get more relevant insights by benchmarking results against the same period in the previous year.

Trending for Multiple Channels

Compare the performance of multiple channels over time.

Opportunity Custom Field Sync & Filtering

Filter results by Opportunity Custom Fields, like a specific sales region. For numeric or currency fields, set minimum and maximum values, such as a minimum Opportunity amount, and generate insights for specific data ranges.

Shared Quick Charts

Easily share your Quick Charts with other Performance Insights users.

Usability Enhancements

Optimized navigation and improved workflows give you visibility to Program Success criteria and access to Program details.


Goal Setting

Set the objective of the ContentAI optimization algorithm to drive more views, clicks, or conversions.

Integration and APIs

Facebook Workplace Integration

Send system notifications and interesting moments to Facebook Workplace.

Static List APIs

Manage lists between Marketo and other systems more easily with new bi-directional APIs for creating, reading, updating, and deleting static lists remotely without taking any action in the Marketo UI.

Privacy Enhancements

Web Tracking Privacy

Enhanced Munchkin tracking complies with local and international privacy regulations by anonymizing the IP addresses of web visitors and allowing them to permanently opt-out of web tracking.

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