Web Page Activity Report

Last update: 2023-08-25

In this report, you can see who’s visiting your website and even subscribe to an email version of the report.

You can choose to display known people or anonymous people, but not both kinds on the same report.

  1. Create a report and select the Web Page Activity Report report type

  2. Choose to display known or anonymous people in the report.

  3. Set the time frame of your report and click the Report tab.

  4. You’ve got it! Review your report to see who is visiting your site.


    It can take up to 24 hours for data to reflect in a Web Page Activity Report.


    To find out who visits your site the most, sort your report on the Page Views column and choose Sort Descending.

    Marketo adds anonymous website visitors to your database and you can choose to show them in this report. It provides a wealth of information even though they are anonymous.
    Columns that you can select for a Web Page Activity report include:

Column(s) Description
Person The visitor's name, title, and company.
Click to view person details and activity history.
First/Last Visit (Time zone) Date and time of the first/last visit by anyone from this company.
Page Views Number of pages loaded by this visitor.
Click to view which pages were visited.
HTTP Referer URL of the page that contains the link the visitor followed to your page.
Entry Page First page the person visited
Inferred Company or ISP The company, as inferred from the visitors' IP address. Names in bold indicate this is the company, not the ISP.
Inferred Country, State/Region, & City Geographic location of the visitor, as inferred from their IP address.

Thrill your sales reps! Filter the report for their territory and subscribe them to it!

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