Use Vibes SMS Messages in Smart List Triggers and Filters

After you create a Vibes SMS message, you’ll want to use smart list triggers and filters within a smart campaign to get the benefits. Here’s how.

  1. In My Marketo, click Marketing Activities.

  2. Choose a smart campaign in which you want to use your SMS asset. Drag over a trigger, such as the popular Fills Out Form.

SMS Triggers

There are other SMS triggers available. The SMS triggers appear only if Vibes service is enabled.

Here are a few examples:

The SMS Message Bounces trigger initiates a flow, such as sending an email, when an SMS message bounces.

The Subscribes to Vibes List trigger initiates a flow when a person subscribes.

The Clicks Link in SMS Message trigger initiates a flow when a person clicks on a link in the SMS message.

SMS Filters

You can also use Vibes filters in smart lists. The Subscribed to Vibes List filter finds anyone who has ever subscribed to Vibes. This includes both unsubscribed and deleted people, even though deleted people are omitted from the flow. This filter is best suited for reporting.

By contrast, the Member of Vibes List filter finds anyone currently subscribed to Vibes and is most suited for use in smart campaigns or lists.


All SMS filters includes the Date of Activity constraint by default.

After you set up Vibes triggers and filters in your smart list, you can define the flow.

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