Predictive Filters

As part of Predictive Audiences, Marketo offers a group of AI/ML-based filters in smart lists.

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The “Likely to Attend” and “Likely to Register” filters are only be able to be used in Event or Email programs. “Likelihood to Unsubscribe,” “Lookalike of Program Members,” and “Lookalike of Smart List Members” can be used in all program types.

Likelihood to Attend

This filter is used to effectively narrow down your audience. This helps you target and invite leads who have a higher likelihood of attending your webinar or event. Note that your “Likelihood to Attend program” will be your current event program.

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Likelihood to Register

Similar to the Likelihood to Attend filter, use this filter to narrow your audience and target leads who have a higher likelihood of registering for your webinar or event.

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Likelihood to Unsubscribe

This filters the audience by whether they have a high or low likelihood of unsubscribing in the next two weeks. You can use this to target high-fatigue leads differently and more effectively. The unsubscribe threshold is dynamic and driven by an AI model that considers several attributes, including lead time in the database and lead activities.

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The Likelihood to Attend/Register/Unsubscribe filters must be used in conjunction with other standard filters.

Lookalike of Program Members/Lookalike of Smart List Members

These two filters help you expand your current audience by targeting additional leads that are similar to members of another program or Smart List. The Lookalike filters consider 50+ factors, including lead attributes, email activity, web activity, and engagement.

Click Add Constraint to choose success criteria for members of the selected program(s).

Click the + icon next to the program drop-down to easily add multiple programs/smart lists to one filter.

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