Configure Unsubscribe Footers in Marketo Sales Insight

Sales emails automatically put the unsubscribe footer at the bottom. However, you can adjust the settings to meet your needs.


Admin Permissions Required



Sales emails are those sent from Sales Insight (it does not include those sent from the Marketo Outlook Plugin).

  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Click Sales Insight, then Edit Settings.

    There are several options. First let’s take a look at the types of emails you can change the settings for.

    • No Template - Manually composed by sales user.
    • Standard Email - Emails based on a template.
    • Operational Email - Emails that ignore Unsubscribed, Marketing Suspended, and Communication Limits (they send no matter what).

    You have the option to set different behavior for each type.


    Respect Unsubscribe Settings: unsubscribed leads will NOT receive the email even if the published email is “operational”

    Ignore Unsubscribe Settings: unsubscribed leads WILL receive the email

  3. Make the changes you want, then click Save.


    The last two choices allow you to dynamically include/exclude the unsubscribe footer depending on number of recipients (Greater than 1 or Greater than 5).

Whew! A little complicated, but pretty flexible, right?

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