Add a Lead/Contact to a Marketo Campaign from Salesforce

You can easily add leads or contacts to Marketo smart campaigns from within Salesforce. Here’s how, using leads.

  1. In Salesforce, click the Leads tab.

  2. Select the list of people you want to view from the drop-down and click Go.


    The pick list in the drop-down includes All Open Leads or Unread Leads, Recently Viewed Leads, Today’s Leads, and may include other categories.

  3. Select a lead from the list to open the record.

  4. In the record, scroll down to the Marketo Sales Insight area, click the Actions drop-down, select Add to Marketo Campaign, and click Go.

  5. Click the Campaign Name drop-down, select the desired Marketo campaign, and click Add to Marketo Campaign.


    For the campaign to appear in the drop-down, use the Campaign is Requested trigger, with Sales Insight as the source, when you set up the campaign.

And that’s it! The person is added to your Marketo campaign.

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