Upgrade the Marketo Sales Insight Solution for Microsoft Dynamics

When a new Microsoft Dynamics solutions is released for Sales Insight, you can download the Upgrade from the Admin area in your account.


Admin Permissions Required

  1. Go to the Admin area.

  2. Click Microsoft Dynamics.

  3. Select Download Marketo Solution.

  4. Select the appropriate solution for your Microsoft Dynamics version.

    Awesome! A zip file of the solution will now be downloaded to your device.

Performing the Upgrade

  1. Import the latest version of the solution over the existing version of your Dynamics CRM (ex: if your Dynamics CRM has version 1.4 and the latest version is 1.5, you would import over version 1.4).

  2. You will see the following pop-up. Select Stage for Upgrade and Maintain customizations, then click Import.

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