Redirect a Marketo Landing Page to Another Page

If you ever update a page’s URL and want the old URL to still work, try a redirect! Setting it up is easy.


Admin Permissions Required

  1. Under Admin, click Landing Pages.

  2. Under the Rules tab, click New and then New Redirect Rule.

  3. Click the first Original URL drop-down and select your Marketo CNAME.


    Remember, you can only redirect URLs that start with your Marketo CNAME.

  4. Choose the landing page you want to redirect in the second Original URL field.


    You can enter any URL path, even if the page or directory doesn’t exist.

  5. Click the Redirect URL drop-down and select the page you want to redirect visitors to.

  6. Click Create.


    To redirect to a web page outside of Marketo, click Use non-Marketo Landing Page.

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