Enter your ON24 Credentials in Marketo

Let’s get started on your ON24 event integration. If you ever need to edit or delete your credentials, those steps are also included below.

Enter Credentials

  1. Log in to Marketo and click Admin.

  2. In Integration, click LaunchPoint.

  3. Under Installed Services, click New and then New Service.

  4. In the New Service dialog box, enter this information:

    • Display Name - Enter a name for use in Marketo. This could be your name or the name of your group if you share credentials.
    • Service - Select On24 from the drop-down menu.
    • Client Key - Enter the ON24 Client Key you use for sign-in. The client key is a 32-digit string containing a mixture of letters and numbers.
    • Client ID - Enter the 4-digit ON24 client ID you use for sign-in. You can obtain the client ID and client key directly from your ON24 Account Manager.

  5. Click Create.

  6. When the credentials are successfully validated, they are added to the Installed Services page. If there is an error, you won’t be able to save the credentials.

Edit Credentials

You can edit your credentials if your password expires or you need to make a change to an existing credential.

  1. In the Installed Services tab, select the credential you wish to edit and click Edit Service.

  2. Update the information in the Edit Service dialog box and click Save.

Delete a Service

  1. In the Installed Services tab, select the service you wish to delete, click the Service Actions drop-down and select Delete Service.

  2. Click Delete.

Your next step is to create your webinar event in ON24.

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