SFDC Sync: Activity Sync

Marketo also syncs over the Salesforce activities data. Here are some questions and answers.

What types of activity data does Marketo sync over?

Marketo syncs over both Events and Tasks associated with a lead or contact.

How are activity details kept in sync between the two systems?

The sync is one way, from Salesforce to Marketo. But you can create a task in Salesforce using the Create Task flow step or Customize Activities Sync to Salesforce.

Can I create a task using Marketo?

Yes, you can use the Create Task flow action.


  • Activity is Logged
  • Activity is Updated


  • Activity was Logged/Not Activity was Logged
  • Activity was Updated/Not Activity was Updated

Not sure about that “Not Activity” wording? The “not” refers to an Inactivity Filter. Learn more about them here: Use Inactivity Filters in a Smart List

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