Manage and View Members

Last update: 2023-10-16

You can manage and view your members in your programs using the Members tab.


Dive deeper into program membership.

Search for a Member

At the bottom of the Members section, use the search field to search for program members by name, email, job title, or company.

  1. Click the Members tab of your program.

  2. Use the search field to search the list of members.

Export the Members Grid

You can export your member list by clicking the Excel icon next to the search field.

Manage Columns in the Members Grid

Drag and drop columns to change their order. The pair of blue arrows indicate where the column will go.

Right-click the column header to sort alphabetically, either ascending or descending.

Choose Which Columns are Visible in the Grid

  1. Click the View drop-down and select Create View.

  2. Name your custom view. Select column titles. Click Add and Remove to move columns and create a view.

  3. Click Create.

Filter the Members Grid

  1. Click the Filter drop-down and select a progression step to sort by.

Manage Person Status in the Members Grid

You can change the status of your people inside the members grid.

  1. Hold down Ctrl/Cmd and select the people.

  2. Click the Change Status drop-down and select a status.

    This may take a moment. You’ll see the message below when it’s all done!

So many features, but they’re all pretty straightforward. Enjoy!

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