Import Members from a Spreadsheet into a Program

You can import a list of people who automatically become members of a program. Here’s what to do.

Prepare Your CSV file

  1. Create a standard CSV file in Excel, like the example below.


    When importing a date into a date field, use this format: 9/29/13 (Month/Day/Year).

Import Your CSV into Marketo

  1. In your program, go to the Members section.

  2. Click Import Members.

  3. Select the CSV and click Next.

  4. Map the data values from the list to their corresponding Marketo Fields and click Next.


    If there are any fields you don’t want to import, select IGNORE in the Marketo Field drop-down menu.

  5. Select the Member Status for your list.

  6. Click Import.

  7. Wait for Marketo to finish importing, then close the confirmation dialog.

    Great! You should see the new members you imported.

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