Understanding Smart Campaign Cards

Use Marketo Moments to view each run of your smart campaigns from your smart phone or iPad. The Marketo Moments smart campaign card represents a single run of a campaign; a new card appears each time the smart campaign runs. Smart campaign cards are marked with a light bulb at the upper left.

For future smart campaigns that are scheduled but have not yet run, the Marketo Moments card doesn’t display any campaign stats yet. They’ll appear in a future release.

Smart Campaign Cards

  1. Tap the card to open the details card.

  2. The details card gives you access to information on the Smart List filters, Flow, and Email Summary.

  3. Tap Smart List.

  4. The filters used by the smart list are shown here.

  5. Tap Flow.

  6. Now, you’ll see the flow of the Smart Campaign. This campaign has only one flow step, but there can be multiple ones.

  7. Click Email Summary.

  8. Now, you can see recipient response to each email, by number and percentage.

  9. See those two dots at the bottom? They indicate that there are two emails connected to this smart campaign. To view results for the other email, swipe the screen to the left. Here are the results for the second email.


    Notice that the other dot is highlighted now.

Creating Email Samples and Previews

It’s a good idea to get a look at an email before it goes out. Or, send a sample to someone else to get a second set of eyes on it.

  1. Tap the three-dot action menu on an email.

  2. Tap Send Sample or Preview Email (click these links for details).

Confirming a Smart Campaign Run

Cards for unconfirmed smart campaigns are gray until you confirm them. Then, they turn orange.

  1. To confirm an unconfirmed smart campaign card, tap the three dot action menu.

  2. Tap Confirm.

  3. Tap Confirm to finish the job, or Never Mind if you have second thoughts.


    Now your card will turn to orange!

Canceling a Smart Campaign Run

You can cancel a confirmed, scheduled smart campaign run.

  1. Tap the three dot action menu.

  2. Tap Cancel Run.

  3. Tap Cancel Run. If you decide at the last minute not to cancel the run, tap Never Mind, and the smart campaign will run as scheduled.

Rescheduling a Smart Campaign

You can reschedule a confirmed smart campaign that hasn’t run yet.

  1. Tap the three dot action menu.

  2. Tap Reschedule.

  3. Select a date on the calendar and tap Reschedule.

    Piece of cake!

Other Smart Campaign Actions

As with other Marketo Moments cards, you can tap the three dots on any Smart Campaign card or details card to:


You can also tap the Share icon on a Smart Campaign card to share, and the Done and Favorite icons on the details card.

Quickly Delete a Smart Campaign Card

If you have a card that you no longer need, perhaps one you used for testing, you can get rid of it with a quick swipe left or right.

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