Add Slack as a LaunchPoint Service

There are two notification types included in the Slack integration:

  • System notifications: Get Slack notifications regarding important events in your Marketo instance, like alerts about current campaign statuses and any issues that require immediate attention (CRM errors and API limits).
  • Interesting moments: When a Marketo Insight has been triggered by a known individual from a sales account, lead owners can be notified via Slack. Notifications include lead information as well as details about the sales account.

Admin Permissions Required


If you don’t have Slack System Notifications already enabled, please contact Marketo Support.

  1. Go to LaunchPoint, then under New click New Service.

  2. Enter a display name for your Slack integration. In the Service drop-down, select Slack. Click Create.

  3. Click Authorize. This opens Slack in a new tab, where you will complete the authorization and grant Marketo permission to pull information from Slack.

  4. In the new Slack tab, enter your workspace’s URL and click Continue.

  5. Enter your Slack credentials and click Sign in.

  6. In the Post to drop-down, select the channel where you want notifications from Marketo to be posted. Review the requested permissions, then click Authorize.

  7. You should see the confirmation screen below. The tab closes automatically.

  8. Refresh the Marketo tab and confirm that Slack is now listed as an active service in LaunchPoint.

    Notifications will now begin posting to the channel you selected in step 6. They’ll look something like this:

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