Use Filters to Sort the Tree


Use filters to quickly sort items in the tree and view the most relevant content.

To access the filter panel, click the Filters icon at the top of the tree. Content automatically loads in the tree as you apply filters.

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Choose Date Range

You can use this feature to find assets that were created or modified within a specific date range; e.g., last week, in the past three months, etc.

By default, Marketo loads all content from the past six months. To change this, select a range from the Choose Date Range drop-down. These settings are sticky and will also be applied the next time you log into Marketo.

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Enter a label that you want to sort by and select from the available labels in your instance.

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Click the X to remove a label from your filtered search.

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Check the boxes to filter by different content types.

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You can also further refine these filters by clicking the arrow next to a content type and choosing from the available options. For example, you can filter by campaign state for both batch and trigger campaigns.

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