Using the Program Setup Tab


From the Setup tab of your program, you can select a channel, add tags and period costs, and change settings.

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Change Program Channel

To change your program channel, select a different one from the drop-down at the top of the page.

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You won’t be able to edit the channel once the program or event has members.

Add Tags

  1. Under the Tags section, Click the Attribute drop-down and choose a tag attribute from the available options.

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  2. Click the Value drop-down and choose a tag value from the available options. Click Add.

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  3. To edit or delete a program tag, click the respective icons next to the tag. The tag attribute can’t be changed once the tag has been created, but you can edit the tag value.

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Learn how to create program tags in Marketo Classic and make them available options in the drop-down.

Add Period Costs

  1. Under the Period Costs section, select a month, enter a cost, and add a short name or description. Click Add.

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  2. To edit or delete a period cost, click the respective icons next to the cost.

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Change Settings

Under the Settings section, you can choose a CRM campaign to sync to (if your subscription has CRM integration), and/or change the analytics behavior for your program.

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