Local Assets: Mass Actions


You can perform bulk actions on multiple assets straight from the Actions section under the Assets tab. Here’s how to find the assets you need and apply a mass action to them.

Filter by Asset Type and/or Condition

To find specific assets that you want to take action on, you can filter by asset type by choosing one or more types from the drop-down.

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Additionally, you can filter by asset condition by choosing one or more conditions from the drop-down. You can do this separately or in combination with asset type filtering.

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Marketo Sky currently only supports filtering for emails, batch campaigns, landing pages, and trigger campaigns.

Apply a Mass Action

Select a group of assets, then choose an action from the Select Action drop-down. Actions that can’t be applied to any of your selected assets are automatically grayed out.

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Ignored Assets

Assets that already have the status you’re trying to apply, or that you do not have permission to apply, will be ignored (e.g., when approving a group of assets, those that are already approved are ignored). Any assets that don’t match the selected action (trigger campaigns can’t be approved, for instance) will also be ignored.

When you select a mass action, a confirmation pop-up will list ignored assets.

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Status Notifications

You can find the status of your mass actions in the Recent Notifications tray.

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Mass Action Failures

If the action you’ve chosen cannot be applied because the asset requires fixing, you will receive notification of a partial failure (with a yellow caution symbol). If the action has failed to apply to all of your selected assets, the notification will have a red caution symbol. Click View Failures for details.

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