Archive a Program

To archive a program, you’ll need to move it to a separate archive folder.

  1. Create a new campaign folder by right-clicking the worksplace globe and selecting New Campaign Folder.

    Image One

  2. Enter a name for your new folder, then add an optional description. Click Create.

    Image Two

  3. To archive a program, first add it to your newly created folder by right-clicking it in the tree and selecting Move.

    Image Three

  4. Type to search for your new folder, then select it from the drop-down. Click Move.

    Image Four

  5. Right-click the folder and select Convert To Archive Folder.

    Image Five

The folder icon will change to a file cabinet, as shown below. Any programs you’ve added to this folder will be archived.

Image Six


When you archive a program:

  • Assets are no longer visible in search results. If you search for a program or event that’s inside an archived folder, the results return a collapsed view of the archived folder.
  • Assets no longer appear in auto-suggest.
  • Archived templates are not available when creating an email or landing page in Design Studio.
  • Archived pages can’t be used in landing page test groups.

The following functionalities do not change when archiving:

  • Global search still finds results in archived folders.
  • An asset that’s in use will continue to work even after it’s archived.
  • You can use a filter to select archived assets for use in reports.
  • Archived assets are not deactivated. They must also be deactivated if you want them to stop run.

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