Expected Behavior


In this article, you’ll find information on expected behavior associated with Predictive Audiences (PA).

Data and Privacy Considerations

  • All required data processing for the AI/ML models takes place in North America.
  • AI/ML models do not use specific lead information such as first or last names, gender, emails, contact numbers, etc. Models only utilize general attributes derived from firmographics and activity logs.

For Predictive Audiences, you can expect the following behavior:

  • PA is accessible in both Marketo Sky and the Marketo Classic experience. The availability of specific features is as follows:
    • Predictive filters - Sky/Classic
    • Projected registrations - Sky/Classic
    • Lead-level likelihood predictions - Sky/Classic
    • Goals and tracking - Sky only
    • Insights and recommendations - Sky only
  • Initial activation takes 24-48 hours for all processes to complete after PA has been enabled. You will see all Predictive Audiences and Predictive Filters capabilities in the interface, but it can take up to 24 hours for these features to begin working.
  • Predictions will only be generated for new campaigns that are created after the feature is activated.

There are some additional considerations specific to predictive filters:

  • Registration and Attendance Likelihood filters can only be used with event or webinar programs. Lookalike and Unsubscribe filters can be used in email, event, and webinar programs.
  • You can apply predictive filters to a smart campaign even if the parent program is created before predictive filters are enabled.
  • Predictive filters are not available for trigger campaigns.
  • To run a smart campaign, likelihood filters need to be used in conjunction with other regular filters.
  • The Saved Rules feature is not available for use in campaigns that contain predictive filters.
  • You can use up to 5 predictive filters in a smart list.
  • Predictive filters can process a maximum of 1 million qualified leads.
  • You can have up to 50 active programs with predictive filters. An active program is any program that uses predictive filters and has been scheduled at least once.

When are projected registrations not available?

Projected registrations will not be available in the following use cases:

  • if the program was created before Predictive Audiences was added
  • when program statuses are not mapped to system statuses
  • when there are no members in the program
  • when there are no past similar programs within the last 6 months that match the required criteria

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