My Token: Link


Here’s how to set up a Link token for use in your programs and campaign folders.

  1. In the My Tokens tab of your program or folder, drag a Link token to the Local Tokens canvas.

    Image One

  2. Enter a name for your new Link token. Then enter the Display Text, URL, and Title (title tag), and choose a Target from the drop-down.

    Image Two


    • New window: Opens the link in a different window
    • Current window: Opens the link in the same window
    • Parent: If there are nested frames on the page, it will open the link one level up
    • Full body: Opens the link in the main window
  3. Check the boxes under Track link for to choose where you want your links to be tracked.

    Image Three


    If Include mkt_tok is checked, Marketo displays a link preview of the branded tracking domain (e.g.,…). If you clear this checkbox, the link is changed. If you turn off link tracking for emails or landing pages, >the URL will be shortened to its basic length (e.g.,

  4. Optionally, under Advanced, you can customize your link using CSS. Click Save.

    Image Four

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