My Token Actions: Edit, Delete, Clone, and Copy Token Names

Edit a Token

In the My Tokens tab of your campaign folder or program, click the Value of the token you want to edit. This will open the editor window.

Image One


Text tokens do not have a separate editor window. Click the Value to make in-line edits.

Image Two

Delete a Token

  1. Right-click the token, then select Delete.

    Image Three

  2. Click Confirm.

    Image Four


My Tokens that are currently being used in assets cannot be deleted. If you try to delete them, you’ll get an error message that lists where the token is being used. Remove the token from these assets and try deleting it again.

Clone a Token

  1. To clone a My Token, right-click it and select Clone.

    Image Five

  2. Enter a new name for your clone token, make edits if needed, and click Save.

    Image Six

Copy a Token Name

To copy the name of a token to your clipboard (i.e., {{my.Event Calendar File}}), right-click the token and select Copy Token Name.

Image Seven

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