Pause People in an Engagement Program


When a person is a member of an engagement program, they will receive content until they’ve exhausted all content. You can use the Change Engagement Program Cadence flow step to stop people from receiving content even if they’ve not yet exhausted content.

  1. In your smart campaign, choose the person/people you want paused in the smart list. Then in the flow, find and drag over the Change Engagement Program Cadence flow action.

    Image One

  2. Select the engagement program.

    Image Two

  3. Select Paused as the New Value to stop the person from receiving content.

    Image Three

You can set the person back to Normal if you want them to begin receiving content again. They will resume where they left off.


Pausing a person will prevent them from receiving content, but they will still transition between streams if they meet the criteria.

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