Best Practices for Testing

When testing Marketo Measure, be sure to first clear cookies and use a unique email address for each test. The email address does not need to be real–it only needs to be a unique address that does not belong to any of your Salesforce records (e.g.,,

Cookies can be cleared in the settings section of your browser, select tools and clear browsing data. A test begins before the search and ends with a form submission. You can test through organic search or through a company advertisement. Make sure to clear cookies again before every new test you conduct.

Steps for Testing

  1. Clear browser cookies.
  2. Start your search at or a similar site.
  3. Click on your website (organic search) or a company advertisement.
  4. Submit a contact form using a unique email address as mentioned above.
  5. Search the test email in Salesforce.
  6. Check the Marketo Measure fields for the new record in Salesforce.
  7. Clear cookies for next test.


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