Attributed Revenue Dashboard

Last update: 2023-10-05

The Attributed Revenue Dashboard offers a focused perspective on the revenue directly linked to your marketing endeavors. Explore how your marketing strategies have been instrumental in sealing deals.


This dashboard is currently in Beta. During this transitional phase, both the current and new dashboards will be accessible. The current dashboard will be deprecated once we’ve fully transitioned and ensured optimal functionality.

Questions the board answers:

  • Which channels, subchannels, or campaigns rank highest in terms of attributed revenue?
  • What is the total amount of our attributed revenue and the count of our attributed closed deals?

Dashboard Components

KPI Tiles

  • Attributed Revenue: The total revenue contribution, based on the chosen attribution model, from Opportunities with touchpoints.
  • Attributed Deals: The number of “Closed Won” Opportunities that have touchpoints.

Attributed Revenue by Channel Over Time Chart

Stacked bar chart displaying Total Attributed Revenue, segmented by Channel, for each Month/Quarter/Year.

  • Leverage the drill-down and up functionalities to categorize the data by Month, Quarter, or Year.
  • Hover over a bar segment or the space between bars to reveal detailed information.

Questions the chart answers:

  • Which channels generated the most attributed revenue each quarter?
  • What was the breakdown of attributed revenue by channel last month?

Attributed Revenue Table

Total attributed revenue segmented by Channel, Subchannel, and Campaign, presented in both Tabular and Tree formats. Click on the button in the top right corner to switch between views.

Questions the board answers:

  • How does the attributed revenue distribution vary among different subchannels within a channel?
  • Which campaigns under a certain subchannel are driving the most attributed revenue?

Tabular View

  • The tabular view offers clear and organized insights into the distribution of attributed revenue. Users can quickly discern performance patterns and pinpoint high-impact marketing strategies by categorizing data into channels, subchannels, and campaigns.
  • Click the “+” icon beside each Channel to reveal the breakdown by Subchannel and Campaign.

Tree View

  • The tree view enables a more interactive and granular data exploration, allowing marketers to identify trends, anomalies, or standout performers in their marketing efforts.
  • Click on a branch to delve deeper into the subsequent hierarchy layer.

Filter Pane

This dashboard is equipped with the following settings and filters:

  • Date (based on Closed Date)
  • Attribution Model
  • Channel, Subchannel
  • Campaign
  • Segments

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