Marketo Measure View Through Attribution FAQ

What is View Through Attribution?

Marketo Measure’s View Through Attribution feature includes the ability to include ad impressions in the attribution model.

Why is View Through Attribution Important?

Historically, re-targeting or impression advertising has been difficult for marketers to account for in attribution analysis. Potential clients may, time after time, be exposed to re-targeting ads but it’s unlikely that they actually click on one of these ads and fill out a form within the same session. Our View Through Attribution solution now has the ability to trace whether or not someone was exposed to an impression ad. This touchpoint will be appended to the individual record and will carry through until the prospect becomes a client. With this information, the marketer will now get better insight on the performance of their re-targeting advertising.

What is involved in setting this up?

In order for Marketo Measure to start measuring the ad impressions, there is an impression tag that needs to be placed in Doubleclick Campaign Manager. Once the tag is implemented, the impressions are stored in our logs and we take care of the rest. Reach out to your Success Manager if you’re interested in measuring view through attribution.

Which ad platforms are supported?

We currently support Doubleclick Campaign Manager.

How is the attribution calculated?

We ran some careful analysis of impression data and its influence on conversions across all stages and marketing channels. The distribution varies depending on the model as you can see from the table below:

First Touch Lead Creation U-Shaped W-Shaped Full Path Custom Model
Impressions 0% 0% 10% 10% 10% Custom
FT 100% 0% 35% 26.6% 20% Custom
LC 0% 100% 35% 26.6% 20% Custom
OC 0% 0% 0% 26.6% 20% Custom
Closed 0% 0% 0% 0% 20% Custom
Middle 0% 0% 20% 10% 10% Custom

What will this look like in Salesforce?

Marketo Measure will create a single impression Touchpoint on any Lead that was exposed to the display ad. We are able to map the user even after they first come to your website (FT) and fill out a form (LC). The Touchpoint will contain ad information such as Ad Campaign Name/ID, Ad ID, Ad Content, Site Name/ID, Placement Name/ID, Marketing Channel, Geo, Referrer Page, and more.

The view-through attribution model will depend on the client and their data.

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