Configuring the Marketo Measure A/B Test Integration

Add the Marketo Measure A/B Test sections on Lead, Contact, Case, and Opportunity. Marketo Measure A/B Test integration allows you to track the revenue impact of your Optimizely and VWO site experiments.

  1. Verify you are using package Marketo Measure v3.9 or later.
  2. Add the “Marketo Measure ABTests” Related List to your Page Layouts then click the Settings (wrench) button.
  3. Remove the stock “Id” field from the list of Selected fields. Add Experiment, Variation, and DateReported fields and change “Sort By” to “Date Reported”. Click the Descending button.
  4. Under “Buttons”, uncheck New.
  5. Contact your account rep or Marketo Support to enable the feature.

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