Invite a User to Create a Studio Account

Studio Managers and Administrators can invite new or existing users to create a Studio account.

The Livefyre Technical Account Manager for your network sends the first Studio account invitation to create a Studio Administrator account. You provide an email address that the Livefyre Technical Account Manager uses to create the Studio Administrator account.


When inviting others to join Studio, you create accounts with permission levels equal to or less than your own.


You can grant multiple user roles to a single user. See User Roles and Permissions for more information on what user roles and permissions you can grant.

  1. From the Users page, click Invite to Studio.
  2. From the Invite user dialog that opens, select Existing User or New User.
  3. To invite an existing user, enter a Username, User ID, or Email Address in the fields provided. To invite a new user, enter an Email address.
  4. Click Add message to enter a personalized invitation, if desired.
  5. Select the access level for the new Account, and click Invite to issue the invitation.

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