User Roles and Permissions

Livefyre provides several user types with varying levels of permissions.

The following user roles and listed access privileges are available within Studio:


For all roles except the Administrator, users can only access Folders or Sites which are public, or have been shared with them.

  • Studio Administrator

    • Access to all rights and permissions in Studio
    • Manage User Roless
    • View and edit Integration Settings
    • View and edit all public and private Folders, Apps, and Streams
  • Studio Manager

    • Create new Sites
    • Invite users to Studio
    • View and edit User Roles
    • Ban Browsers and IP Addresses
  • Asset Manager

    • Add Assets to the Library using Social Search
    • Create and edit Streams which port to shared folders
    • Create and edit shared folders and the Assets in shared folders
  • User Manager

    • View and edit end user Account details
    • Ban or allow-list end users
  • Data Manager: grants access to use the Livefyre Analytics dashboard.

  • App Manager

    • Create and edit Apps
    • Create and edit Streams that point to Apps
    • Add assets directly to Apps using Social Search
  • Content Manager:

    • View and moderate content using the App Content page
    • Add and edit Tags, Flags, Notes, and Rights Requests for Content
  • Moderator:

    • Access to ModQ
    • The right to moderate content

Site level user roles grant permission only to the selected site. Roles granted at this level will have not have access to other sites or networks.

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