Refresh a Token for a Social Account

Refresh a token for a social account when it expires.

Instagram tokens can expire, often with little or no warning. The following social networks require you to refresh tokens to makes sure they are being used and active:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram personal accounts
  • Instagram business accounts

Instagram business accounts use Facebook tokens, which expire. Your Livefyre network notifies you when there are 10 and 5 days left before the tokens expire, so you can refresh them.

When a token expires, Livefyre notifies you in the following ways:

  • When you search for Instagram content, a window displays in the lower left side stating that your Instagram token is expired. If you set up other Instagram accounts, Livefyre automatically searches Instagram using the next Instagram account in your list.

  • When you request rights with a specific, expired Instagram account, an error displays, and you must select another Instagram account or refresh the token for the expired account and click on request rights again.

  • Streams using an expired Instagram account will not function.

  • Accounts with expired tokens in Network Settings > Social Accounts display an error warning icon (


You can refresh your token by clicking Refresh Token next to the account in Network Settings > Social Accounts > Instagram Accounts.

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