Instagram Rules

You can create Stream rules that pull content from Instagram.


Before you create an Instagram stream, you must add at least one Instagram business account to the Social Accounts section in Network Settings. For more information on how to configure an Instagram account, see About Instagram Accounts.

Create Instagram Rules based on @mentions or hashtag.


All Instagram rules require at least one hashtag. Adding keywords and a username for your rule will return content which includes both entries.

To create Instagram rules to pull content from Instagram feeds into your App or Folder, filter by:

  • Words

    • Enter hashtags to be included in, or excluded from your Instagram stream. Specifying values for both the Contains and Does not contain fields will return images which contain the first, and do not contain the second.

    • For example, entering Contains keywords Giants, Posey, and Does not contain keyword Dodger, will return all posts which include the word Giants or Posey, and do not include the word Dodger.


      Instagram Rules will return posts which include the listed hashtag in the author’s comments, which may not appear in the stream.

  • Mentions

    • Enter @mentions to pull into the stream, or exclude from the stream.
  • Authors


    You must have an Instagram business account set up in Livefyre to use the Author search in an Instagram Stream rule. For more information on setting up Instagram business accounts in Livefyre, see About Instagram Accounts.

    • Enter @usernames to pull into the stream. The account associated with the @username must be an Instagram business account.

    • Enter the @usernames to exclude from the stream.

  • Additional Filters

    • Select whether you would like to include All Content, Videos Only, or Photos Only in your stream.

For additional Stream rule options for all Stream rules, see Stream Rule Options for All Stream Rules.

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