Troubleshooting: Limits on Instagram Content

Instagram has changed the number of requests that any company using the INstagram API, including Livefyre, can make from 5,000 requests per hour per token to 200 requests an hour per token. This is known as rate limiting.

A token is the same as an Instagram account.

You may run into an error that limits your ability to search or get content from Instagram because you:

  • Are using one account for more than one stream
  • Have a large number of Instagram streams
  • May be using high volume hashtags (for example, #cats or #beach)

To reduce the impact of Instagram rate limiting:

  • Connect multiple Instagram accounts to your network. For information on adding Instagram accounts on your network, see About Instagram Accounts
    Turn off Instagram streams you aren’t using
    Make sure streams are targeted with the right keywords and use Smart Tag filters to make queries more accurate. For information on how to use smart tag filters, see Smart Tags
    Minimize times when multiple people are using the same Instagram account on a network to curate Instagram content.

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