Instagram Content Guidelines

When curating content from Instagram, you must follow their guidelines and best practices.

You must configure an Instagram business account to create Instagram streams from another specific Instagram business account by using the By Author field. The user account you identify in the By Author field, must be a business account.

For more information on how to set up an Instagram business account in Livefyre, see About Instagram Accounts.

Instagram enforces the following rules for getting content from their platform:

  • Content belongs to the user, who must give permission for their content to be used
  • Search up to 30 unique hashtags per Instagram business account every 7 days.

Livefyre recommends you follow the following guidelines to maximize your search functionality and effectiveness:

  • Promote and select hashtags that are unique to your brand, so users are “explicitly” joining the campaign.
  • Use one (1) hashtag instead of several for any given campaign or promotion, allowing you to track by a single, specific filter.
  • Use specific, rather than generic words in the hashtag search. Using generic words may yield unexpected results, and may include users who did not intend for their photo to be used in relation to your campaign.
  • Connect multiple business accounts so you can search for more unique tags.
  • Avoid using business accounts on more than one network.
  • Prioritize active streams and delete unused ones to reduce the number of hashtags you use.

Instagram, like other brands, also has requirements for using their brand assets. For example, photos must:

  • Provide attribution to Instagram and the owner of the content.
  • Be clearly differentiated from other social media content if displayed together with other networks’ media.

For more information, please see Instagram’s document: Using Instagram Brand Assets.

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