Sidenotes Text Strings

Customizing the text strings for Livefyre Sidenotes

This page lists and describes all strings available for customization in Sidenotes apps. For information on strings available for the core Livefyre apps, please see String Customizations.

Stream Info
Author / Content Info
User Actions
Post Functions
Moderator Interface


To implement this feature, pass in a 1-1 object mapping of the strings you wish to override to the Javascript configuration object. If you don’t provide a field, then the default text will be used.


var customStrings = { 
   postAsButton: "New Post As Text", 
   postEditButton: "New Post Edit Text" 
networkConfig["strings"] = customStrings; fyre.conv.load( 


Strings available for the Authentication process, and from the authenticated user menus.

Element Key Default Text
Auth menu strings menuAuthSignInBtn Sign in
menuAuthSignedInMsg You must be signed in to
menuUserEditProfile Edit Profile
menuUserAdmin Admin Console
menuUserLogout Sign Out
menuUserBackBtn All

Stream Info

Strings available for content stream information and display.

Element Key Default Text
Info menu options menuInfoCopyright © Livefyre, Inc. 2014
menuInfoHelp Help
menuInfoLivefyreLink Visit

Author / Content Info

Stings available for author and individual content information.

Element Key Default Text
commentModeratorTag Mod
commentPendingTag Pending
commentReadMoreLink Read More
commentReplyLink See {number} replies
commentReplyLinkSing See reply
commentVoteCount votes
commentVoteCountSing vote
datetimeMinutePrefix m
datetimeMonths An array. Default =[‘January’, ‘February’, ‘March’, ‘April’, ‘May’, ‘June’, ‘July’, ‘August’, ‘September’, ‘October’, ‘November’, ‘December’]
questionExplanation You can now read and write comments directly on sentences, paragraphs, images and quotes.

Highlight text and click the icon or click the icon at the end of each paragraph.
questionMockText What is “familiarly known” is not properly known, just for the reason that it is “familiar”.
questionTitle What is a Sidenote?

User Actions

Strings available for user actions: flagging, sharing, and liking existing content.

Element Key Default Text
Reply menu options menuRepliesViewTitle Details
menuRepliesViewReply Reply to Conversation
Share menu options menuShareOptionFacebook Facebook
menuShareOptionTwitter Twitter
menuShareTitle Share
Flag menu options menuFlagOptionDisagree Disagree
menuFlagOptionOffensive Offensive
menuFlagOptionOffTopic Off Topic
menuFlagOptionSpam Spam
menuFlagTitle Flag as…
facebookShareCaption Sidenotes on “{title}”
Mobile user options sliderCommentTally of
sliderInviteRead Read
sliderInviteWrite Write
sliderLoading Loading…
sliderWriteText What do you think? Tap to write.

Post Functions

Strings available for users posting content.

Element Key Default Text
editorEditBtn Save
editorEditPosting Saving…
editorEditReplyTitle Edit Reply
editorEditTitle Edit Sidenote
editorPlaceholder What do you think?
editorPostBtn Post Sidenote
editorPostBtnMobile Post
editorPosting Posting…
editorReplyBtn Post Reply
editorReplyTitle Write Reply
editorTitle Write Sidenote
emptyImageBlockTxt What do you think?
emptyTextBlockTxt +
replyBtn Reply
threadReplyBtn Reply to Conversation
Delete menu options menuConfirmAccept Yes,
menuConfirmCancel Cancel
menuConfirmTitle Are you sure?
Etc menu options menuEtcOptionApprove Approve
menuEtcOptionDelete Delete
menuEtcOptionEdit Edit
menuEtcOptionFlag Flag
menuEtcOptionShare Share
menuEtcPostedAt Posted on
menuEtcTitle More

Moderator Interface

Strings available to the user-authenticated moderator interface.

Element Key Default Text
Confirmation messages from the More menu notificationApproved Approved
notificationDeleted Deleted
notificationFlagged Flagged


Strings available for general error messages.

Element Key Default Text
errorConnection Uh-oh. You don’t seem to have a good connection.
errorDuplicate We like your note too, but you can’t post it twice.
errorGeneral An error has occurred. Please try again.
errorServer Something went wrong with our server. Try that again?

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