Review Text Strings

Customizing the text strings for Livefyre Reviews.

This page lists and describes the strings available for customization in Review apps. The strings listed here are in addition to and overrides for the default strings for Livefyre core apps, listed in String Customizations. Where duplicates are listed, the strings listed in these tables are the default for Reviews apps.

Review / Rating Interface
Stream Info
Author / Content Info
User Actions
Post Functions


To implement this feature, pass in a 1-1 object mapping of the strings you wish to override to the Javascript configuration object. If you don’t provide a field, the default text will be used.


var customStrings = {
   postAsButton: "New Post As Text",
   postEditButton: "New Post Edit Text" };
networkConfig["strings"] = customStrings; fyre.conv.load(

Review / Rating Interface

Strings available for the Review and Rating user interface.

Element Key Default Text
Buttons editReviewBtn Edit review
reviewBtn Write review
reviewsClosed Reviews Closed
showReviewBtn Show review
follow I’m interested
shareText I just wrote a review. Check it out!
Rating tooltips ratingValues An array. Default = [‘Poor’, ‘Poor’, ‘Fair’, ‘Fair’, ‘Average’, ‘Average’, ‘Good’, ‘Good’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Excellent’];
Note: Values in the array must be duplicated to assign both the left and the right half of each star the same name.
Rating subparts ratingSubpartPlaceholders An array. Default = []
ratingSubpartTitles An array. Default = []
reviewStreamTitle Blank by default. Title of the summary section of the review.
Misc averageRating Average User Rating
breakdownHeader Rating Breakdown
helpful %s of %s found helpful
helpfulPlural %s of %s found helpful
outOf /
ratingType star

Stream Info

Strings available for content stream information and display.

Element Key Default Text
Sorting sortBy Blank by default.
sortHighestRated Highest rating
sortLowestRated Lowest rating
sortMostHelpful Most helpful
Stream misc. showMore Show More
Stream high velocity newComment New Review
newComments New Reviews
Listener counts listenerCount person listening
listenerCountPlural people listening
Comment counts commentCountLabel LiveReviews
commentCountLabelPlural LiveReviews
Comment notifier counts commentNotifier New Review
commentNotifierPlural New Reviews

Author / Content Info

Stings available for author and individual content information.

Element Key Default Text
Thread Breakout reviewsContentNotFoundMsg This review is no longer visible
backToComments Back to Reviews

User Actions

Strings available for user actions: flagging, sharing, and marking existing content as helpful.

Element Key Default Text
Comment footer wasReviewHelpful Helpful?
wasReviewHelpfulMobile Helpful?
ownWasReviewHelpful Found helpful.
reviewWasHelpful Yes
helpfulDivider |
reviewWasNotHelpful No
Vote modal voteTitle Was this review helpful?
voteDownvote No
voteReplyTitle Was this reply helpful?
voteTitle Was this comment helpful?
voteUpvote Yes
Flag modal flagTitle Flag %s’s review
flagSuccessMsg Review has been flagged.
Flag Mobile flagConfirmationMessage Flag %s’s review as %s?
Mention modal mentionDefaultText I mentioned you in a Livefyre review!
Share modal shareTitle Share Review

Post Functions

Strings available for users posting reviews.

Element Key Default Text
Editor bodyPlaceholder Write review…
postEditButton Edit
postEditCancelButton Cancel
postAsButton Post review as…
postButton Post review
postReplyAsButton Post as…
postReplyButton Post
shareButton Share
titlePlaceholder Title…


Strings available for general error messages.

Element Key Default Text
Errors errorAlreadyPosted You can only post one review.
errorAuthError You’re not authorized to post a review on this conversation
errorCommentsNotAllowed Reviews cannot be posted at this time
errorDislikeOwnComment You cannot dislike your own review
errorDuplicate As much as you liked your review, you’re not allowed to post it twice.
errorEditDuplicate You must change the body of the review when you edit it.
errorEditNotAllowed You’re not allowed to edit reviews on this conversation.
errorEditTimeExceeded Sorry, your review editing period has expired.
errorEmpty It seems you’re attempting to post an empty review.
errorEmptyTitle It seems you’re attempting to post an empty title
errorFieldRating star rating
errorFieldReview review
errorFieldTitle title
errorMaxChars Sorry, your review is too long. Please edit and try again.
errorMissingFields Please enter a
errorRatingEmpty You cannot submit an empty rating
errorRatingNotSet All ratings must be set
errorRatingNotValid The rating must be an object
errorShowMore There was an error loading more reviews.
errorTitleMaxChars Sorry, your title is too long. Please edit and try again.
errorVoteOwnComment You cannot vote on your own review

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