Localize Strings

Customizing the strings of the Livefyre Apps.

The text strings for most HTML elements in any Livefyre App may be customized. This provides the flexibility to change the text of rendered HTML elements, such as the “Post As” button, the “Comment Count” text, or the “Sign In” button, to any valid UTF-8 string. Use this feature to add personality to your implementation of the stream, or to localize the language in the app for your user base.


To implement this feature, pass in a 1-1 object mapping of the strings you wish to override to the JavaScript configuration object. If you don’t provide a field, then the default text will be used.


var customStrings = {     
   postAsButton: "New Post As Text",     
   postEditButton: "New Post Edit Text"  
   convConfig["strings"] = customStrings; fyre.conv.load(     

This page lists all text strings which may be customized for the Livefyre Core Apps.

Account Access

Strings available for the Authentication process, and from the authenticated user menus.

Element Key Default Text
displayName %s
editProfile Edit profile
notificationSettings Notification settings
siteAdmin Admin Console (links to Studio)
signOut Sign out

Stream Info

Strings available for content stream information and display. Lists the number of people listening, the number of posts to the App, and allows users to sign in, or access their account information.

Key Default Text Stream data
commentCountLabelZero %s comment
commentCountLabel %s comment
commentCountLabelPlural %s comments
listenerCount person listening
listenerCountPlural people listening
liveblogPostCountLabelZero post
liveblogPostCountLabel post
liveblogPostCountLabelPlural posts
Thread options threadBreakoutButton Show entire Thread
toggleCollapse Toggle Collapse
High velocity / queued comments refresh Refresh
newComment New Comment
newComments New Comments
newReply new reply
newReplies new replies

Stream Sorting

Allows uses to sort returned content by age or popularity.

Key Default Text Header options
sortNewest Newest
sortOldest Oldest
sortTopComments Top Comments
sortHotThreads Hot Threads
streamSorting Loading
topCommentsContentNotFoundMsg There are not enough likes yet.
hotThreadsContentNotFoundMsg There are not enough threads yet.
streamRefreshMsg See what’s new.
Footer options archiveHeaderTitle From the Archive
archiveShowMore Show More
showMore Show More Comments
showMoreLiveblog Show More Posts

Content Info

Lists post information: user name, any applied user tags, and post time.

Key Default Text Author
moderator moderator
hovercardViewProfile View Full Profile
Post info timeJustNow just now
timeMinutesAgo minute ago
timeMinutesAgoPlural minutes ago
timeHoursAgo hour ago
timeHoursAgoPlural hours ago
timeDaysAgo day ago
timeDaysAgoPlural days ago
likesPlural Likes
likesSingular Like
moderatorEditTimestamp Edited by a Moderator
commentTombstone This comment has been deleted
permalinkNotFoundMsg This comment is no longer visible.
quickProfileTooltip Quick Profile

Featured Content

If enabled, featured content is listed at the top of the stream.

Key Default Text
Featured labels
featuredCommentsTag Featured
featuredCommentsTitlePlural Featured Comments

Text Editor

By default, available at the top of the page for all users.

Key Default Text
Editor buttons follow + Follow
unfollow - Unfollow
liveblogFollow Follow Live Blog
liveblogUnfollow Unfollow Live Blog
postButton(Available for logged in users.) Post comment
postAsButton(Available for unauthenticated users.) Post comment as…
postEditButton Edit comment
postEditAsButton Edit comment as…
postEditCancelButton Cancel
editorDisabled This conversation is currently closed to new comments.
Chat options livechatPostButtonLabel Post
livechatPostEditButton Edit
livechatWindowsInstruction Press control+enter to post
livechatOtherInstruction Press command+enter to post

Response Options

Unless otherwise noted, available to all logged in users. Mouse over a content panel to access.

Key Default Text
User Response Options Available for end users.
flagButton Flag
flagCommentTooltip Flag
editButton(Available only for authors and moderators, if enabled.) Edit
deleteButton(Available only for authors and moderators, if enabled.) Delete
deleteCommentTooltip Delete
shareButton Share
shareCommentTooltip Share
likeButton Like
unlikeButton Unlike
replyButton Reply
replyButtonSingular(Available for Chat and Live Blog.) Reply
replyButtonPlural(Available for Chat and Live Blog.) Replies

Key Default Text
Flag Modal flagTitle Flag %s’s comment
flagSubtitle Flag as
flagDefaultSelectOption Select
flagSpam Spam
flagSpamButton Spam
flagSpamCommentTooltip Spam
flagOffensive Offensive
flagOffensiveButton Offensive
flagOffensiveCommentTooltip Offensive
flagDisagree Disagree
flagDisagreeButton Disagree
flagDisagreeCommentTooltip Disagree
flagOffTopic Off Topic
flagOfftopicButton Off Topic
flagOfftopicCommentTooltip Off Topic
flagEmail Email
flagEmailPlaceholder you@example.com
flagNotes Notes
flagNotesPlaceholder Start typing here…
flagConfirmButton OK
flagCancelButton Cancel
flagConfirmationMessage Flag %s’s comment as %s?
flagSuccessMsg Comment has been flagged.

Key Default Text
Share Modal shareTitle Share Comment
sharePlaceholderText What do you think?
shareLabel Share on:
shareTextTwitter blank
shareTextFacebook blank
shareTextLinkedin blank
shareButtonText Share
sharePermalink Permalink
loadingPermalink Loading short url…
shareText I just posted a comment. Check it out!

Key Default Text
Reply Modal postReplyAsButton Post comment as…
postReplyButton(Available for logged in users.) Post comment
backToHotThreads Back to Hot Threads

Key Default Text
Twitter @mention modal mentionTitle Share Mention
mentionSubtitleTwitter Share Tweet to:
mentionDefaultText I mentioned you in a Livefyre comment!
mentionConfirmButton OK
mentionCancelButton Cancel
mentionErrorGeneral Oops! Something went wrong! Livefyre has been alerted.
mentionErrorNoneSelected You must have at least one mention enabled.
mentionMenuTitle To see and mention your friends
mentionTwitterConnect Connect to Twitter
mentionTwitterFetching Fetching Friends…
mentionSuccessMsg Mentions have been successfully sent.

Key Default Text
Edit Modal Available to Studio Admins, User Managers or Moderators
@(@mention.) </>(Opens the custom html window.)
customHtmlDialogTitle(Appears as the header for the modal.) Add Custom HTML

Key Default Text
Moderator Response Options Available to Studio Admins, User Managers or Moderators.
pendingComment pending
banUserButton Ban user
banUserTooltip Ban User
bozoButton Bozo
bozoCommentTooltip Bozo
featureButton Feature
featureCommentTooltip Feature
unfeatureButton Unfeature
featuredCommentTooltip Unfeature

Key Default Text
Ban User modal Available to Studio Admins, User Managers or Moderators.
banTitle Ban User
banConfirmation Are you sure you want to ban this user?
banConfirmButton OK
banCancelButton Cancel

Comment Notifier

If enabled, available at the bottom of the page for all Livefyre conversation Apps.

Key Default Text
Notifier labels commentNotifier New Comment
commentNotifierPlural New Comments
liveblogNotifier New Post
liveblogNotifierPlural New Posts

Error Messages

Strings available for customizable error messages.

Key Default Text
errorAuthError You’re not authorized to post a comment on this conversation
errorCommentsNotAllowed Comments are not allowed on this conversation
errorDefault An error has occurred. Please try again.
errorDuplicate As much as you liked your comment, you’re not allowed to post it twice.
errorEditDuplicate You must change the body of the comment when you edit it.
errorEditNotAllowed You’re not allowed to edit comments on this conversation.
errorEditTimeExceeded Sorry, your comment editing period has expired.
errorEmpty It seems you’re attempting to post an empty comment.
errorExpired Your session has expired. Please reload the page.
errorFlagNotSelected Please select a flag type.
errorGuestLiked Sorry, only those with accounts can like content.
errorInsufficientPermissions Insufficient Permissions
errorInvalidChar It seems you’re attempting to post an invalid character.
errorLikeOwnComment You cannot like your own comment
errorMalformed It seems you’re attempting to post malformed content.
errorMaxChars Sorry, your comment is too long. Please edit and try again.
errorMediaNotAvailable Media is no longer visible.
errorShowMore There was an error loading more comments.
MultipleMediaNotAllowedError Your permissions only grant you one media attachment at a time.

Time and Date Format

Translate and customize how dates appear on content cards within visualization apps.

Key Default Text
hoursAgo {number}h
hoursAgoSingular {number}h
justNow 1s
minutesAgo {number}m
minutesAgoSingular {number}m
monthDayFormat {day}
monthDayYearFormat {day} {monthAbbrev}
monthNames January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
monthNamesAbbrev Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
secondsAgo {number}s
secondsAgoSingular {number}s

Media Wall

Strings available for the Media Wall App.

Key Default Text
featuredText Featured
shareButtonText Share
Key Default Text
postButtonText What’s on your mind?
postModalTitle Post Your Comment
postModalButton Post Your Comment
postModalPlaceholder What would you like to say?
showMoreButtonText Load More
shareButtonText Share


Strings available for Maps.

Key Default Text
featuredText Featured
shareButtonText Share


Strings available for Mosaics.

Key Default Text
featuredText Featured
shareButtonText Share


Strings available for Carousel.

Key Default Text
featuredText Featured
shareButtonText Share

Feature Card

Strings available for the Feature Card.

Key Default Text
featuredText Featured
shareButtonText Share

Upload App

Strings available for the Upload App.

Key Default Text
postButtonText What’s on your mind?
postModalTitle Post Your Comment
postModalButton Post Your Comment
postModalTitlePlaceholder Enter a title
postModalPlaceholder What would you like to say?
postModalConfirationTitle Thank you for posting!
postModalConfirmationMessage Your post is being reviewed.
postModalConfirmationButton Done
editorErrorAttachmentsRequired An attachment is required
editorErrorBody Please add a message
editorErrorDuplicate As much as you like your note, you cannot post it twice
editorErrorGeneric There was an error
editorErrorTitleRequired A title is required


Strings available for Polls.

Key Default Text
totalVotesLabel %s total votes
shareStringText I just voted on %s what’s your vote?
pollClosedLabel This poll is currently closed

Livefyre Identity

Strings available for Livefyre Identity.

Key Default Text
automaticallyFollowConversations Automatically follow conversations I join
back Back
bio Bio
create Create
createANewAccount Create New Account
createNewAccountWithEmail Create a new account with email
changeAvatar Change Avatar
chooseFile Choose File
completeAccount Complete account
emailWhenSomeoneReplies Email when someone replies to me
emailCommentsIFollow Email comments in conversations I follow
emailSenttoResetPassword Email sent! Check your inbox for a link to reset your password
emailVerificationSent Email Verification Sent
firstName First name
forgotPassword Forgot password?
forgotYourPassword Forgot your password?
forgotYourPasswordInstructions Enter your username or email address below, and we’ll send you a link to change your password.
formInputCloseButtonText Close
formInputCancelButtonText Cancel
formInputSaveButtonText Save
hasNotLeftAnyComments hasn’t left any comments
locationIsFrom is from
labelAvatar Avatar
labelComments Comments
labelConfirmNewPassword Confirm New Password
labelConfirmPassword Confirm Password
labelEmail Email Address
labelLikes Likes
labelLoading Loading
labelNewPassword New Password
labelNotification Notifications
labelPassword Password
labelProfile Profile
labelUsername Username
labelUsernameOrEmail Username or email
lastName Last name
livefyreAccount Livefyre Account
location Location
loadingProfile Loading Profile
newPassword New Password
oldPassword Old Password
on on
or or
passwordLinkExpired The link you clicked to reset your password has expired. Reset your password again, and we’ll send you a new link.
pleasecheckEmailToComplete Please check your email to complete your registration.
posted Posted
poweredBy powered by
profileNotificationImmediate immediate
profileNotificationHourly hourly
profileNotificationNever never
recentComments Recent Comments
reset Reset
resetPassword Reset Password
signIn Sign In
signInWith Sign In With
signInWithEmail Sign In With Email
signUp Sign Up
socialAccount Social Account
successPasswordChanged Success! Your password has been changed, and you are now logged in
termsAndConditions Terms & Conditions
termsAndConditionsIntro By signing up you accept the
termsOfUse Terms of Use
termsOfUseIntro By logging in, you agree to
thisUser This user
verifyPassword Verify Password
fileSizeLimit 2MB max
accountnotfound Account not found
avatarImageExceedSize Your avatar image has exceed the 2mb file limit
fieldisrequired Field only accepts an integer
fieldonlyacceptsavalidemail Field only accept a valid email
fieldonlyacceptsletters Field only accepts letters
filesizemustbelessthanMB File size must be less than {#}MB
invalidusernameorpassword Invalid username or password
minimumlengthofcharacters Minimum Length of {#} characters
maximumlengthofcharacters Maximum length of {#} characters
therewasanerror There was an error
thisfieldisrequired This field is required.
validfileextensions Valid file extensions
valuemustmatch Value must match
passwordLength be 6 to 32 character long.
passwordCharacters include both lower and upper case characters.
passwordSymbols include at least one number and one symbol.
passwordUsername not contain your username.
passwordPopoverTitle Your password needs to:
passwordErrorContainsFirstName The password you entered contains either your username, first name or last name. For security reasons, please enter a password that does not contain your username, first name or last name. Please also remember that your password needs to contain: 6 to 32 characters An uppercase character A lowercase character A symbol
passwordErrorContainsLastName The password you entered contains either your username, first name or last name. For security reasons, please enter a password that does not contain your username, first name or last name. Please also remember that your password needs to contain: 6 to 32 characters An uppercase character A lowercase character A symbol
passwordErrorContainsUsername The password you entered contains either your username, first name or last name. For security reasons, please enter a password that does not contain your username, first name or last name. Please also remember that your password needs to contain: 6 to 32 characters An uppercase character A lowercase character A symbol
passwordErrorTooShort Minimum of 6 characters for pasword
passwordErrorTooLong Maximum of 32 characters for password
passwordErrorMissingUppercase Password should contain at least one uppercase character
passwordErrorMissingLowercase Passsword should contain at least one lowercase character
passwordErrorMissingSymbol Password should contain at least one symbol in the set `!@#$%^&*()?.,<>\’;:”[]{}

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