Add the userPrivacyOptOut flag to the page to allow a site visitor to opt out of this tracking.

Livefyre provides JavaScript events to track user activity in your Livefyre Apps.

If you embed Livefyre Apps and a visitor does not consent to tracking, you can dynamically configure Livefyre to disable functionality to ensure the visitor’s privacy.

When configured, Livefyre will:

  • Disable authentication support in Apps.
  • Disable Livecount and event generation
  • Delete existing cookies created by any Apps that are on the page
  • Proxy media with images from third party domains to prevent third parties from creating cookies
  • Enable video mask click-through for third party videos that require an additional click to view

Configure a Page for Opt-Out

Integrations embedding Livefyre Apps can configure Livefyre when a site visitor has not granted consent using a single JavaScript variable.


  1. Add the userPrivacyOptOut flag to the page before the Livefyre.js JavaScript:

    window.Livefyre = {userPrivacyOptOut: true};
  2. Add Livefyre.js to the page anywhere after userPrivacyOptOut.

    Livefyre Apps instantiate with the elevated privacy settings.


    Do not change the value of userPrivacyOptOut once Livefyre Apps have loaded.

Ensure that your consent workflow sets the userPrivacyOptOut to true if a site visitor chooses to opt out.

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